Month: October 2021

If There Is a Heaven

It’s the two year anniversary of your great-grandpa’s passing. He was the first significant person in your world to die, and it was my first taste of having to talk to you about hard things, something I’ve had to do a lot in the… Continue Reading “If There Is a Heaven”

I Love You

That’s the post. There are some other things I thought I might write about this week, but I couldn’t find a way to organize my thoughts that felt right. So instead I’ll just fall back on the words we tell each other every day.… Continue Reading “I Love You”

What I Want You to Know About Blood

The blood flows everywhere. It drips into the sink and onto the floor. It soaks into paper towels filling up the trash cans in the bathroom and the kitchen. It dribbles down onto your shirt. You stand on the toilet and lean out over… Continue Reading “What I Want You to Know About Blood”

What I Want You to Know About Rowing a Boat

The oars drop into the water in near unison. We push our bodies backward with our legs and pull the handles to our chests. We slide the handles down against our bodies, lifting the blades out of the water. We lean forward and drop… Continue Reading “What I Want You to Know About Rowing a Boat”