What I Want You to Know About Persistence and Grace

I attended a writing workshop online yesterday that was gifted to me by some of your mom’s best friends. As an ancillary part of the gift, they took you out for a fun afternoon of shopping and playing while I sat and listened to Anne Lamott talk about a “shitty first draft” and other lessons for aspiring writers such as myself. Her words indeed inspired and enlightened me. They also encouraged me to continue on with my one-post-a-week commitment.

I had hoped that the workshop might spark up something brilliant for me to write about to you this week. And there are, in fact, some ideas swirling around in my brain that the workshop helped jumpstart. But I am really struggling today to put those ideas into words of any significance.

I have felt tired this week, never quite able to meet the energy you and Ozzy exude from the moment we get home in the afternoon until late in the evening. I have been missing your mom even more than usual, partly an aftershock of Mother’s Day, I think, and partly from the memories of watching the disease quickly progress in her at this time last year. You, too, have cried several times this week because you missed her, and the emotional weight of seeing you sad and trying to comfort you brings its own kind of exhaustion. And then there are the dishes, the clothes to clean, the bills to pay, the summer plans to organize, etc.

Several times today I have wanted to throw in the towel and skip a blog post. Just worry about it tomorrow and get some rest tonight. Which, I will, here in a minute. But I thought it was important to stick to my commitment, even if I’m not giving you much. (Parenting in a nutshell.) I want you to know that commitments are important. But so too is being gracious with yourself and getting rest when your body is tired.

So, with that, I’ll say good night.

One Comment on “What I Want You to Know About Persistence and Grace

  1. Hang in their Caleb. Being a parent is tough and their’s nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself. Hope you got a good night’s sleep. Bill and I are really enjoying your blog. Sending hugs, Lana and Bill

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